Our Programmes

Our programmes and courses range from our week-long flagship programme Leadership—Why Bother? (LWB) to our bite-sized online content. In each, we address key themes for leaders who want to be at the cutting edge of an ever-changing world.

Our programmes are investments in you that pay dividends in life and job satisfaction, fresh creativity, effectiveness, and so much more.

Do one thing every day that scares you.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Available Programmes

Below are example programmes we offer. However, as one size does not fit all, we welcome the opportunity to curate a tailor-made programme for your organisation.

Leadership—Why Bother?

Stop, Rest, Reflect, Restart.

Join us in Dublin, Ireland to restart with a unique personal development opportunity that blends structured learning, extra-curricular activities and peer to peer engagement. Take time and space to look at the bigger questions of your life and leadership—and chart a new course. Bespoke delivery methods available.


The Power of Purpose

Achieve greater performance through higher purpose.

Become a purpose-driven leader in these short, energising workshops with award-winning writers and professors Robert Quinn and Anjan Thakor. Explore how meaningful work translates into higher performance and how to bring this model alive in your life, career and organisation.


Fundamentals of Management

Strengthen your organisation from the core.

Effective management is an essential skill for all organisations today – but many people still don’t know the fundamentals. This workshop provides a structured learning approach that equips participants with the essential information a manager needs to achieve results – personally and through people.


Restarting with Awareness and Purpose

All our programmes are rooted in three key philosophies:


To shoot an arrow, first pull it back

Restarting is an opportunity to step off the conveyor belt of productivity, explore who you are personally and professionally, set a new course, and achieve so much more. Before we restart, we must stop, rest, and reflect.

Expanded Awareness

Remove the blinkers, uncover blind spots

Expanded awareness means freedom from modes of thinking or behaviour holding you back. Once you see clearly how your conditioning and unconscious biases inform your thinking and decisions, it changes everything.

Purpose-Driven Leadership

The source of discretionary energy

Purpose speaks to people, rippling outward to create a culture of collaboration and shared intent that translates into more effective operations. Actions align with purpose, to guide even when the way ahead is uncertain.

Atosú provides space for you to reflect on your life and leadership, expand your awareness and find purpose and meaning in what you do.

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Remember the famous story about Picasso:

A woman tourist was out strolling when she spotted Picasso sketching outside a café in the back streets of pre-World War II Paris. She approached the artist and asked him to sketch her portrait and charge accordingly. In two minutes, there it was – an original Picasso. When she asked how much she owed him, Picasso replied “Five thousand Francs”. The woman then said politely “But it only took you a couple of minutes!” to which Picasso replied “No, it took me all my life”.

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