Restart Your Ambition

Atosú, named after the Gaelic word for ‘restart’, is an Irish leadership institute addressing a global audience. Atosú is about authentic, sustainable leadership and performance in a world of constant change.

We help people better understand themselves (expanded awareness) through finding authentic meaning in their leadership. Authentic leaders pursuing a higher purpose create a vision energising them and those around them that empowers their organisation from the bottom up for powerful results.

We aim to change the world, by helping you change your world.

Leadership—Why Bother?

Quality leadership is hard to describe but easily recognised.

At Atosú, our philosophy is based on supporting you to expand your awareness. It is about letting go to stop, rest, reflect and restart—bringing clarity to that purpose and vision, allowing you to tap into the joy and energy of your leadership to achieve much more. From stillness, comes action. From a true sense of purpose, comes powerful performance.

We run onsite and online programmes, planning and creative activities that support, excite, and invigorate you on a sustainable leadership journey.

Discover Our Programmes

Join us to relax and reflect in our beautiful and historic Tormay House premises overlooking Dublin Bay for our week-long flagship programme Leadership—Why Bother? (LWB). Or enjoy our simple but effective approach to complex issues through other in-person or online content.

However you join our journey, we warmly welcome you to our growing Clann (family) of alumni.

The happiness of your life depends
upon the quality of your thoughts.

– Marcus Aurelius

Are you ready to make another step on your journey of leadership? Are you willing to invest in your growth?

Then simply contact us, which commits you to nothing, but begins your journey.