Our Philosophy

At Atosú, our philosophy is based on supporting you to expand your awareness. We believe letting go to stop, rest, reflect and restart brings clarity to purpose and vision, allowing you to tap into the joy and energy of your leadership to achieve much more.

From stillness, comes action. From a true sense of purpose, comes powerful performance.

Our Approach

Our experienced, multi-disciplinary team and wider ecosystem of industry and academic leaders and practitioners help you reframe the challenges you face and uncover new paths best for you.

We do this with our unique blend of:


This is where we specialise. Our leadership development programmes address key themes for leaders who want to be at the cutting edge of an ever-changing world. They range from immersive for individuals to tailored content for teams.


Our style is different. We listen deeply before prescribing because we believe the best answers lie within. Then we guide with deep expertise in strategy, operations, sales, communications, board and organisation management, and creative planning.


Identifying training needs is one of our fortes. We spend time understanding your specific needs before developing and delivering training programmes that improve the competence and performance of your organisation.

Our Model

We help you address complex issues through a simple, but effective, development model, as well as through programmes, support, and conversation.

Atosú is also a creative space where we can move the conversation around personal growth and organisational performance forward. Together, we discover a better way.

How we work together

Initial engagements to gain understanding are free of charge. The only commitment required is a little time for reflection. First, you reflect and share your challenge in 100 words or less. Then, we reflect and share our thoughts and recommendations.

From there, you choose the billing structure – per day or per project. Consultancy prices vary by project, while our flagship programme Leadership–Why Bother? typically costs €10k per person. Transparency, focus, and value for money will always be top of our agenda.

How we go forward

While we deeply value long-term, sustainable relationships, we do not believe in drawn out work agreements which are ineffective on cost or impact.

We believe in sharp, sustainable solutions that inspire your people to give their energy to ideas, projects and the organisation. When people believe in what they do, the outputs are far greater and results more sustainable.

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Educating the mind without educating
the heart is no education at all

– Aristotle

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