Our Approach

Often leadership is evaluated using standard output measures such as profit, margins, efficiency and shareholder value. 

At Atosú, while recognising the importance of these measures, we question what is required of a leader to achieve these results while in the service of any organisation. The inputs. 

We give you the space to explore the nature of your leadership, the joy, the challenges, the purpose, the meaning behind it and how sustainable this is for you.

We believe that those willing to develop what are often called the softer sides of leadership such as compassion, heart and listening, have the capacity to engender an innate culture of connection and goodwill within an organisation. This in turn releases the discretionary energy of the people in that organisation. It is this discretionary energy that is the essential difference in high performing and creative organisations where change is a constant. And the so-called ‘softer sides’ of leadership are actually the bedrock of a successful organisation. 

Purpose-Driven Leadership

Purpose speaks to people, rippling outward to create a culture of collaboration and shared intent that translates into more effective operations. Actions align with purpose, to guide even when the way ahead is uncertain. 

Purpose is one of the most powerful, sustainable and proven drivers of performance, a true competitive edge. When people choose to give their energy to an idea, project or organisations they believe in, the outputs are far greater, and results more sustainable.


Restarting is an opportunity to step off the conveyor belt of productivity, explore who you are personally and professionally, set a new course, and achieve so much more.

Atosú provides space for you to reflect on your life and leadership. 

We believe in the power of stories. Listening and sharing is a key feature of our approach to personal growth through increased awareness. The journey is inward, but it’s supported by a growing community of like-minded leaders, who are also there when it is time to take what you have learned back out to your world and effect change. The value of this purposeful community cannot be overstated.

Stop, rest, reflect, restart diagram
Road by the sea in Ireland

Educating the mind without educating
the heart is no education at all

– Aristotle

Our Model

We help you restart your ambition through programmes, support and conversation, as well as addressing complex issues through a simple, but effective, development model.

Our programmes differ as they are facilitated by industry and academic leaders and practitioners. Atosú is also a creative space where we want to help move the conversation around personal growth and organisational performance forward. Together, we discover a better way.

Are you
fulfilled by your leadership?

Do you need to reignite your passion, or recognise the need for change?

Do you have the
courage to grow and change?

At Atosú we do not claim to have the answers to these questions—but we know you do. And we’re here to guide you on your journey to discover them.

Are you ready to restart your ambition?

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