About Us

Atosú, named after the Gaelic word for ‘restart’, is an Irish leadership institute addressing a global audience. Atosú is about authentic, sustainable leadership and performance in a world of constant change. We aim to change the world, by helping leaders change their world.

Atosú was founded in 2019 by Colm Kennedy, after a decade forming it in his mind. Over his career Colm has worked in a variety of senior roles in many industries including training, telecommunications, software and energy. Returning to what he loves most, he founded Atosú to work with people who want to grow and develop themselves and their organisations through sharing their experiences and stories.

Colm Kennedy, Managing Director, Atosú

What makes Atosú different

While our programmes are designed to high academic standards, we primarily focus on exploring real life situations and experiences for immediate, positive impact on your daily leadership approach. We believe that change starts within, and ripples outward through lives, organisations and communities, with profound effects. Innovation, high performance—all those outputs we chase—can simply be features of fulfilment.



If you share our excitement to work with people and organisations who are passionate about leadership, growth and development, please email us at hello@atosu.ie or use the contact box below.

Or if you have skills and experience in video production, creative writing, online learning, training delivery and thought leadership, please also get in touch (direct applications only please).


On the Clontarf Road overlooking Dublin Bay, Tormay House is a beautiful and historic location 12 km from Dublin Airport and 3 km from the City Centre.


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